Making gains on a budget (for students)

So I had an email the other day from a student who was concerned that he was missing out on those extra “gainz” as he was on a budget as a student and could not afford the expensive diet that comes with a healthy lifestyle.

This gave me the inspiration for today’s blog, working out on a budget. Here are my top tips for a healthy body, at healthy prices

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Tip No.1-Amazon prime

Amazon Prime gives me two day shipping, Unlimited streaming of movies, TV shows and the ability to borrow books from the kindle lending library. What does this have to do   with getting ripped on a budget. Well duh….. I’ve saved hundreds of dollars using amazon prime which has allowed me to splash out slightly on more expensive but healthy foods. You’re welcome.

Tip No.2-Whey Protein

Although protein from foods is important, whey protein can deliver high amounts of protein at a fraction of the cost of meats such as chicken,fish and beef. A couple shakes a day and you are well on the ‘whey’ to 50 grams of protein. Whey Protein also lasts ages which means you don’t have to buy more on your next groceries shop. One whey protein i recommend is Optimum Nutrition Gold Whey Protein Which is currently the worlds NO 1 whey protein. Well worth the buy and will guarantee your muscles are being rebuilt after a good workout. Click below to view the product on amazon. I highly recommend it.



Tip No.3- Go budget


Cutting down the quality of the type of food may seem bad for you but studies have shown that when budget and premium brand products are tested together, budget does not actually score much lower than premium brand in terms of healthiness.

Thanks for reading this. comment below “did anyone see that he typed cheese grater randomly”  for mad respect. If you have any questions at all please feel free to email me at I will answer as quick as possible.


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