Free Weights vs Bodywieght Excercises

The great debate. Bodyweight Exercises or free weights. Which one is better? Some exercise enthusiasts even go as as far as to say that doing the other is completely pointless. Now this is simply not true. Individuals in both camps have created amazing bodys by improving things like strength and muscle growth. Honestly, yes, one can be better than the other in different ways and vise versa and I think utilizing both is the key to maximal muscle growth. However, bodyweight exercises  aka calisthenics are used to improve more functional movements used in daily life. Afterall, the whole point of calisthenics is to move you body through space without any restrictions. Free weight on the other hand are mainly static loads where you stay in a single place and manipulate the weight from point a to point b to target specific muscle groups. Free weights however have an advantage when it comes to progression. If you wanted to improve your squat say you can easily utilize progressive overload and add a small extra weight to the bar every time you workout the legs by doing squats. Bodyweight exercises are not as easy to improve strength and muscle growth. For an average Joe that just wants to get a bigger chest, free weights would require a lot less learning effort and he/she can isolate the chest a lot better with free weights over bodyweights. Bodyweight exercises are absolutely free and do not require any weights or gym memberships. Bodyweight enthusiasts may tell you that free weights are bad because it makes it easier to become injured. This is simply not true as the research shows that if an exercise is done with correct form and in moderation, It can only be good for you.

So with all that out of the way which one is actually better? Well the answer may frustrate you but it all comes down to personal goals. If your goal is to pack on muscle fast then free weights are probably better for you. If you want to improve your capabilities of momving your body through space and master your body then bodyweight exercises are probably your thing. It also depends on what YOU enjoy doing more. Both have their place in the fitness world, but it is up to you which ones have a place in your workout.

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